United States Zip Codes

United States Zip Codes

Studies have shown that a zip remains a system or style of postal codes often used in the US. This USPS system has been in place in the US since 1963. The simple explanation for ZIP is zone improvement plan. The system implies that you mail moves at a quick and more efficient way.

Normally, the zip code design usually comes in 5 numerical digits. In 1983, the ZIP+4 appeared which includes the zip code 5 digits, 4 extra numbers and a hyphen. This helps to determine a given geographical location properly within a zone improvement plan. The USPS first registered the zone improvement plan code as a servicemark.

The ZIP+4 emerged from the USPS in 1983. This format is usually known as the plus-four codes, add ons, or the add-on codes. This style of zip comes with the normal 5 digit code and extra four numbers. This can be used for an individual high-volume receive of mail, a group of apartments, a city block, or other mode of identifying, delivering and sorting mail. The truth is that the extra four numbers attached to the basic five-digit code is not allowed.

The zip code system can be used in statistics for gathering information geographically. In the USA, there are forty-two thousand zip codes. Another important use of zip codes is to help in the delivery of services. Companies, organizations, businesses and individuals make use of this system to aid marketing. Zip codes are used in insurance rating, credit card security, internet and legislative districts. The use of zip codes in the United States of America has helped to facilitate how life is run in the country.
Below are some zip codes to get in the U.S

Are Postal Codes Use in All Countries?
Countries using postal codes are linked to the World Post Union. All countries use postal codes, except 73 countries.