The Importance of the Mother’s Day Celebration

The Importance of the Mother’s Day Celebration


Mother’s Day is a day set aside for honoring and celebrating motherhood. On this day, the positive influence and inputs of a mother is appreciated through different forms throughout the world. In the United States, the incarnation of Mother’s Day was founded in 1908 by Anna Jarvis and this day became an official holiday in the States in the year 1914. Traditionally, the celebration of Mother’s Day involves presenting mothers with gifts such as flowers, appreciation cards, and anything to complement their efforts and contributions to the family and society at large.

Mother’s Day falls on different days depending on the country. It is traditionally celebrated on the second Sunday in May. A mother figure could include a mother-in-law, a stepmother, a relative, a guardian, or a family friend. The different ways Mother’s Day can be celebrated include:

  • Family visits and gatherings
  • Family breakfasts, dinners and little meal gatherings either at home or a restaurant
  • A time out at the movies or pleasure spots
  • Mother’s Day themed messages and songs
  • Gifts

Nature of Celebration

Different countries have different ways of celebrating Mother’s Day. In the United States, when a girl is seen wearing a red flower or pink dress, it is usually assumed that her mother is alive. However, a white flower signifies that the mother is late. Either way, the mother is remembered and celebrated.

As a part of the custom in the US, children usually take their mothers out for specially themed festive dinners to express their gratitude. Some children could even go as far as preparing elaborate meals, giving their mothers the much needed breather from their usually busy schedules. Yes, it is a day American mothers usually enjoy respite and a break away from their traditional day-to-day activities.

The Importance of the Mother’s Day Celebration

From the first day we formed in our mother’s womb, she has been looking out for us, ensuring the environment is safe and conducive for survival. Even so, our mothers do much more. Since the emotional state of a mother is crucial in determining the personality of the baby, our mothers try their best – even in the face of unwanted stressors, to remain calm so they can birth restful, calm babies.

At birth, the mother-baby connection is important for a baby to connect to the real world. Studies have shown that children who were loved and nurtured in a safe environment during their formative years eventually grow up to become bright, confident adults. The genetic behavior of a mom also plays a big role in determining who we are.

Whatever the case  whether we are a typical product of the genetic behavior of our mom or we were nurtured in a soothing, peaceful environment, one thing is certain – our mother play a key role – one that should be appreciated every day. They are the glue that hold the family together, the one uniting factor in the home. Mother’s Day celebration allows for a time of reflection – it provides a time for us to be together as a family to appreciate the one person that made us stay strong  our mother!