Best Places to Visit on Valentine’s Day

Best Places to Visit on Valentine’s Day


Each year on the 14th of February, many people exchange gifts cards, candies, or flowers with a loved one also referred to as a special “valentine”. Valentine’s Day is a festival which involves the celebration of romantic love and during a specific time if the year. It could be through a romantic meal, visiting pleasure sites, or engaging in shopping activities  just to express love and feel same for a special one. Although a Valentine celebration could largely depend on the type of relationship, its theme is always appreciated  and planned for well in advance.

Best Places to Visit on Valentine’s Day

It only takes a good partner to be concerned about unique places they could visit with their special other. There is hardly a better way to celebrate the romantic occasion than planning a romantic getaway for your partner instead of planning for only the standard roses, box of chocolates, and cards as they are all too common already. The United States has a wide variety of adventure sites and pleasure spots, from the relaxing beaches to the soothing parks and urban escapades, here are some of Valentine’s Day best picks.

New York

From enjoying horse carriage rides at the Central Park to a dinner at one of the top restaurants in the city, New York provides the special Valentine feel for partners. The city provides something for every lover  there are special wine tasting events at Wave Hill, super delicious menu options at the best bars and restaurants in NYC, and star gazing events at Hayden Planetarium all designed to spoil your significant other.


Chicago provides the outside-the-norm valentine feel. The valentine celebrations usually coincide with the Chicago Theatre Week, a great time to enjoy great deals on the indigenous products of the city. It also provides a perfect time for lovers to revel in the tradition, architecture and culture of the city.

San Francisco

The city of San Francisco provides lots of perfect spots for romantic getaways. Lovers have an opportunity to enjoy special bay cruises along with special drinks. There are also romantic bars such as The Hidden Vine, Biron Wine Bar, and Two Sisters Bar. San Francisco is without a doubt, a perfect city for you and your loved one – to enjoy St. Valentine’s Day.

The idea of the Valentine Day celebration is to express love and feel loved. You can decide to celebrate it the way you think best  a lavish getaway, plush gifts such as expensive jewelries, and romantic meals. Since this is not a holiday, advance planning and preparation will help you make the occasion just perfect for your partner. Everyone wants to feel loved  you feel that way, so does your partner.